*If you are having any difficulties, please feel free to email us at: admin@comhsforum.org

If you are having troubles logging-in to either the website or forum, here are some helpful tips to try:
  1. Your log-in will be completely lowercase (both the username and password) if logging-in for the first time.
  2. Your log-in name should be your first name and last initial or last name, properly spaced between. Ex. John Smith would be john s OR john smith.
  3. Your password should be the same as the old bulletin board.
  4. Your logins are the exact same for the website and the new vBulletin forum.
  5. If this isn’t your first time logging-in and you modified your log-in and can't remember what it is, it should be your first and last name properly capitalized and properly spaced between.