We chose as our insignia the picture of Our Lady of Schools, accompanied by theSacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary which appears on the backof the Miraculous Medal.To confirm our loyalty to our late Holy Father,Pope John Paul II, we chose his motto, “Totus Tuus” (“Totally Yours”) as our own.


The picture of Our Lady of Schools speaks for itself. It depicts Mary presenting to us her Child, Who stands atop the whole of visible creation. It shows forcefully how all creation bears the imprint of the Incarnate Word through Mary. Mary is shown in her mission of bringing Christ to us and nurturing Him in the souls of men. His left hand rests on the arm of His mother showing us how He allowed Himself to be dependent upon her for His own growth “in wisdom and age and grace” while on earth and how He wishes for us to depend on her for His growth in us. Mother and Son are looking down to meet the eyes of both teachers and students looking up. Teachers in cooperation with Mary find their surest way of multiplying Christ in the persons of their students.


In His hand, Jesus holds a small cross. In His halo, the ideal brightness surrounding the head of Mary’s Son, is visible the upper and lateral parts of the cross. Thus in His cross are focused the love and sacrifice which forms the basis of all true Christian education.Our Lady’s halo is composed of her twelve star diadem which recalls her twelve glorious privileges and describes her mission and prerogatives.These are:Her Divine motherhood, with its corollaries, her spiritual motherhood, her universal mediation and her universal queenship, her Immaculate Conception, fullness of grace, freedom from actual sin, perpetual virginity, her knowledge, her immunity from corruption, anticipated resurrection, and her bodily assumption.