Children of Mary Home School group was founded to give Catholic home schooling families opportunities to learn, play, and pray together, and for parents of Catholic home schoolers to plan spiritual, academic, and social events for the children and to assist one another in the unique apostolate of home education.

Located in the Diocese of Buffalo, we gather for periodic social and spiritual events (at various locations) such as; May Crowning, Opening Picnic and Mass, Soldiers of Christ Youth Group, Spelling Bee and Sacramental reception (when desired and upon approval by our Bishop.) Also, First Friday devotions, All Saint’s Day Presentations, and a formal graduation ceremony at the end of our school year.

Children of Mary Homeschoolers is not a group set up to offer a school setting for which to teach your children. We are a group of parents who are our children’s teachers at our homes.

Members are permitted and encouraged to arrange social events and field trips that support our homeschooling efforts.